Creating a dynamic all-mailable prospect list in Account Engagement (formerly Pardot) is a simple and effective way to email both the leads and contacts (prospects in AE terminology) in your Salesforce database.

Why Create a Dynamic All-Mailable Prospect List?

An all-mailable prospect list benefits you because it:

  1. Ensures Compliance: Automatically excludes individuals who have opted out or marked as “do not email”.
  2. Saves Time: Dynamic lists update themselves based on your criteria, reducing manual upkeep.
  3. Enhances Reach: Allows you to efficiently email your entire database, maximizing your marketing efforts.

The Step-by-Step Guide to Create Your List

  1. Access Account Engagement:
    • Select the 9 dots in the left-hand corner called the App Launcher.
    • Type in “Account Engagement” and select it.
  1. Navigate to Segmentation Lists:
    • Go to the “Prospects” tab.
    • Select “Segmentation”.
    • Click “Segmentation Lists”.
  1. Add a New List:
    • Click “Add List”.
    • Fill out the name for your list and any other fields you’d like.
    • Select “Dynamic List” (a rule-based list that updates automatically).

Note: A dynamic list is a rule-based list that updates automatically. A static list requires a manual process to update each time but can be beneficial for a one-time use case email list.

  1. Set Your Rules:
    • Click “Set Rules”.
    • Select “New Rule” to start creating your list based on specific criteria.
  1. Create Your Criteria:
    • Choose “Prospect Default Field”.
    • Set “Opted Out” to “Isn’t Opted Out” (people who haven’t opted out).
    • Do the same for “Do Not Email” to exclude those who should not receive emails.
  1. Utilize AND/OR Statements:
    • Use the AND/OR options to refine your list creation.
    • For example, include rules like “Prospect CRM Status is Contact” and “Prospect CRM Status is Lead” to cover both leads and contacts.
  1. Run Your Rules:
    • Remember that dynamic lists will start at 0 and take time to update based on your rules.
    • Your total prospects will reflect everyone in your database, while your mailable prospects will show those who can be contacted.

Important Tips:

    • Dynamic List Flexibility: This type of list is adaptable and ensures that any new prospects meeting your criteria are automatically included.
    • Exclusion of Unmailable Prospects: Account Engagement is designed to exclude those who have opted out, ensuring compliance with email marketing regulations.

How IMG Can Help You

At IMG, we understand the intricacies of Account Engagement and the importance of effective email marketing. Whether you’re just getting started or looking to optimize your current setup, our team is here to assist you.

Contact us to enhance your email marketing strategy and leverage the full power of Account Engagement.