Social Media Advertising

Reach more people with personalized Ads on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Stop wasting precious time, and ad spend. Our full-funnel social media advertising helps you effectively target, engage, and persuade your market without costly trial and error.

Tired of wasting money on ads that no one sees?


We get it. With 321+ million active users on social media, every platform is exploding with ads from every brand under the sun, which makes it hard to stand out.

Stop leaving clicks up to chance. Your ads should be robust, well-designed, and inspire audiences. Get the most out of your ad spend. Pay to play with IMG.

Social Media Advertising

How to power business success with social ads

See how paid social ads put your brand in front of the millions of eyes of those actively scrolling on popular platforms.

Instagram ads can reach 928.5 million active users across the platform.

92% of Instagram users say they’ve followed a brand, clicked on their website, or purchased from them after seeing a product/service on the platform.

Facebook ads reach 1.95 billion of the platform’s 2.5 billion monthly users.

The IMG Difference

We don’t give you a cookie-cutter solution. Instead, we create custom plans that align with your business goals and data.

Ad creation

Ad creation

At IMG, our social media experts use eye-catching visual elements to create engaging, relevant ads that convert audiences.


We’ll help you create personalized campaigns and manage ads across channels to spark audience engagement.


We’ll segment audiences based on your specific criteria, ensuring that each ad delivers the right message to the right audience at the right time.

Ready to start maximizing growth with social media advertising?

Crack algorithms and break scroll apathy with our social advertising experts.

We’ll deliver attention-grabbing ads that get clicks so you can reach your social media advertising goals.

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