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We’re Integrated Media Group A full-service digital agency focused on Marketing & Technology

IMG is a place where data and creativity collide.
Founded in 2016, we began as a small group of out-of-the-box thinkers looking to pair our love for storytelling with a passion for helping people.


About us - Our History

Ralph Coppolino & Gil Lantini, Co-Founders 

Every great superhero has a compelling origin story. Gil and Ralph are no heroes, but we feel their origin story is pretty super. To look at how Integrated Media Group (IMG) began, we need to step back to 2001. At the time, Gil Lantini was working as a software developer in the Insurance industry with a web design side hustle and Ralph Coppolino was publishing one of Rhode Island’s largest real estate publications. The two met when Ralph was looking for someone to design a new site for his publishing company.

Over the course of the next several years, Gil and Ralph continued to work together and gained a mutual respect for their work. The relationship grew stronger as Gil launched his first full-time company, Focus Business Solutions in 2003. Gil’s company continued to work with Ralph on several branding, print and web projects. In 2011, Gil sold his firm and was looking for a new venture. That’s when he reconnected with Ralph on the idea of launching a business publication. Ralph’s expertise in publishing, combined with Gil’s knowledge of branding and marketing, is when Rhode Island Small Business Journal (RISBJ) was born.

Within the first few years of launch, RISBJ was the most distributed print publication and had the largest digital following of any business media in the state. By creating such a strong digital footprint, Gil and Ralph quickly realized that there was a need to help other businesses establish their digital presence. After a few years of helping local businesses under the RISBJ brand, Gil and Ralph made the decision to launch a new company with a national footprint focused on helping other small businesses with these same services. In 2016, Integrated Media Group was born.

Initially, IMG was a small team of 8 offering social media and email marketing services. In 2017, the team had a client that came to them with software they just purchased and asked for help with email marketing. That software was Salesforce and this was a pivotal moment in the company’s history. While IMG had no internal knowledge of how to use Salesforce or their email marketing tools, this was an opportunity to learn something new.

Not knowing how impactful this would eventually be, Gil personally took on this first project. At this point, IMG was cautiously optimistic that this could be a service that could be offered to others and added a small amount of staff to support those needs. At the same time, the need for web development services was becoming more apparent. That is when the web division of IMG began, offering both WordPress development services along with landing page creation for marketing campaigns.

Currently, with 50 marketing and technology professionals on the team, IMG has experienced SUPER growth over these past 6 years and has most recently been named to the Inc. 5000 list as well as a top 5 fastest growing company in Rhode Island for the 3rd time. Over the past year, IMG has helped over 800 small to mid-sized companies in over 40 states.

We’re a quirky team consisting of marketing mavens, code junkies, tech geeks, brilliant designers, coffee addicts, and animal lovers all with one common purpose: to share your story with the world, increase revenue and integrate technology to help grow your business.

No frills. No empty promises. Just hard work, skill, and unshakable commitment.

Team IMG

Our Process / Our Values

Our Partnership Promise: we are an extension of your team.

We’re real people like you. With us, you get a human connection and active listeners who remember the little things; like an upcoming birthday, or the recent trip you went on. To us, you’re much more than a client – You’re our partner. Here’s our promise to you.


We show up.

You call. We answer. Whether it’s a meeting or hitting a deadline, you can count on us to be there.

We believe in the power of collaboration.

Every project is an opportunity for us to unite, flex our creative muscles, breathe life into new ideas and turn challenges into revenue.

We’re flexible.

Everyone is different. We go above and beyond to accommodate you, to ensure your plan works for your company and is sustainable in the long-term.

We set goals & achieve results.

Working with your brand guidelines, we’ll build a customizable email template to craft the perfect email that looks and feels professional.

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