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We work to tell your story, mission, and what makes your business so unique. With IMG, we don’t just skim the surface — we dig deep, getting to the heart and soul of your organization.

Whether it’s an eye-catching logo, witty tagline, original content, or compelling manifesto, we’ll establish a recognizable identity for your brand that’s consistent across all platforms, giving customers that intangible feeling they only get when interacting with your brand.


Tired of marketing plans that don’t deliver? We get it. You want measurable results, not starry-eyed promises.

With our online advertising services, we’ll work together to set tangible goals, and utilize powerful data to drive your strategy forward, so you can reach more customers than ever before.


Need help implementing technology for your business?

Whether you’re strapped for time or just not technologically savvy, trying to figure everything out on your own feels impossible, especially if you are running a business. Our integration services let you successfully integrate new technology without additional stress. The end result? A better running business and more time for yourself.

Our Process

    We get to know your business and identify your goals.
    We’ll design a personalized project plan that aligns with your business goals.
    Our marketing masterminds & tech gurus will launch your strategy and track growth.

At IMG, we aim to make your life easier. You won’t get some over-complicated plan that leaves your team scratching their heads. Instead, our 3-step process produces a plan that is simple and intuitive to follow.

Ready to grow to new heights?

Increase your revenue today.




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“Before we signed up with IMG, We were spending money on Google ads with little results trying to do it on our own. IMG was able to take over our ad campaign and streamline our ads which resulted in lower ad cost, higher conversions, and more sales. We have been very pleased with the results and look forward to the future with IMG’s help. We have seen substantial growth through their knowledge and recommendations. I would not hesitate to recommend IMG to anyone looking to grow their business.”

Chris Dutilly, Owner
Pen Savings


“Professionalism at the highest! My wife and I run a diversified real estate brokerage company that required a very complex CRM. We went through several companies which all stated they could assist us in the build out. While they all had a general concept of what was needed, none could actually execute, nor were they communicative on inabilities or challenges. IMG team Annabella Goncalves and her teammate Arsalan Shaukat have been absolutely excellent in identifying our needs and pinpointing key issues and concerns in addition to an AMAZING follow-through and execution. They are by far the most professionally conducted team my wife and I have worked with yet. IMG’s Alison Kendrick can certainly not be left out. Alison was very accommodating as well as very knowledgeable with our Pardot needs and preparations.”

Richard Torres
R.A.S. Equity Partners


“Greenspring was looking for a way to streamline our charitable giving process as we run a grant program administered by a rotating committee each year. We receive upwards of 100 grant applications so it can be a major investment of time in an area that is not specifically core to our business. Mallory and IMG did a fantastic job listening to what we were trying to accomplish and then developing a solution that met our needs. I fully expect this new process and solution will save hours of time for our team and allow them to focus on the most important aspects of these significant decisions.”

Patrick Collins, CFP®, EA | Partner & Managing Director
Greenspring Advisors

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