In this guide, we’re excited to share our insights, tips, and real-world use cases to help you harness the full potential of Account Engagement (formerly known as Pardot).

Download our Account Engagement Nurture whitepaper now and improve your email marketing strategy by:

  • An overview of Account Engagement, along with compelling statistics
  • Use these insights to persuade decision-makers in your company who might not be fully investing in Account Engagement, highlighting its potential to generate significant ROI!
  • A glossary with 40+ key Account Engagement definitions
  • Access to our Pardot Quick clips with 30+ videos that show you how to navigate every Account Management button, page and tab like a pro
  • Real Email Marketing Automation examples that you can have up and running in the Engagement Studio in no time!
  • Expected results from common Account Engagement campaigns
  • Email template examples and best practices to improve deliverability and avoid the spam filter
  • A detailed pre-launch checklist that will allow your team the confidence to develop more email campaigns with ease
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certifications and accolades

As passionate advocates for Account Engagement, we’ve witnessed firsthand the transformative power it holds for businesses across various sectors. Our strong partnership with Salesforce exemplifies our commitment to excellence, as evidenced by our 30+ extensive certifications and accolades.

In 2023 IMG Completed:

Strategic Campaigns


Core Product Implementations

Strategic Campaigns


Account Engagement Implementations

Strategic Campaigns


Salesforce Tech Training Hours

Strategic Campaigns


Salesforce Licenses Managed

Case Studies


Personal touch from leadership down!

“Salesforce introduced us to IMG, and we were able to quickly get set up on scoping the project with IMG to integrate Pardot. We worked with Katie at IMG and she was able to successfully help us get up and running with Pardot. Their design support was able to assist us with editing our email templates and teaching us how to schedule and send emails via Pardot. Overall this was a great team to partner with finishing our project in a timely manner.”

— Sarah Streeter