With the ability to personalize your brand’s marketing, build list segmentations, and automate messaging seamlessly with purpose, it’s no secret why we’d love Salesforce’s Account Engagement capabilities. Gaby, IMG’s marketing automation specialist, is here to give you the lowdown on Engagement Studio, the powerful tool within your Salesforce Account Engagement (formerly Pardot).

What is Engagement Studio?

Think of Engagement Studio as a robust lead nurturing tool. It allows you to create automated email journeys for your customers and prospects, guiding them towards becoming customers. You can find it under Automation > Engagement Studios.

Building Your Engagement Program:

1. Setting Up:

    • Name & Description: Give your program a clear name and describe its purpose.
    • Recipients: Select the list of contacts who will enter the program.
    • Suppression List: Exclude any contacts who shouldn’t receive the emails.
      Pro Tip: Effective email marketing is not just about who receives your message, but also about who doesn’t.
    • Schedule: Set the program start date and time, and if necessary, allow re-entry for repeat nurturing.

2. Building the Flow:

    • This is where you drag and drop elements to create your email sequence with different paths based on prospect actions.

3. Testing & Reporting:

    • Test Mode: Preview the journey as a prospect to ensure everything works smoothly.
    • Reports: Track program performance after it launches.
    • Activity: Monitor individual prospect activity within the program.
      Pro Tip: We can help you make robust custom reports.

Engagement Studio Workflow:

    • Conditions: Set criteria based on lists (static or dynamic) to determine prospect entry into the program.
    • Actions: These are triggered by prospect behavior (e.g., opening an email) and can include assigning scores, tags, or users.
    • Triggers: These launch the program based on prospect activity (e.g., email open, form submission, link click). Set the frequency for checking triggers.
    • Building Paths: Use “yes” and “no” branches to personalize the journey based on prospect actions.

Gaby’s Top Engagement Studio Tips:

    • Avoid 0-Day Triggers: Give prospects time to complete actions before triggering emails.
    • Don’t Start With Triggers: Ensure everyone enters the program initially.
    • Monitor & Optimize: Continually check reports and A/B test to improve your program.

Best Use Cases for Engagement Studio:

    • Welcome Series: Onboard new contacts with a series of introductory emails.
    • Re-Engagement: Reconnect with inactive leads or customers.
    • Lead Nurturing: Warm up potential customers with targeted content.
    • Customer Retention: Keep existing customers engaged and happy.

Bonus! We have a comprehensive guide to help you utilize and build your Engagement Studio programs.

Remember: Engagement Studio is a powerful tool for nurturing leads and driving conversions. Use our tips and guide to create effective marketing automation campaigns for your business.

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