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Personalizing Emails with Merge Tags in Account Engagement (formerly Pardot)

Merge tags are your ticket to sending out bulk emails while still making each recipient feel special. Imagine being able to address hundreds or even thousands of people by their first name, mention their company, or even tailor the sender’s name and signature to fit the context. Merge tags make this magic possible by dynamically pulling information from your database into your email templates.

Default and Custom Merge Fields

Account Engagement (formerly Pardot) offers both default and custom merge fields, giving you ample flexibility in personalization. While default fields cover the basics like first name and company, custom fields from your database allow you to get creative and tailor your emails to specific criteria you’ve gathered unique to your audience.

When and How to Use Merge Tags

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, you’ll find these tips handy:

  • Identify Key Personalization Points: Decide which merge tags will add the most value to your emails. Common ones include the recipient’s name, company name, sender name, and sender signature.
  • Insert Merge Tags: When editing your email content, simply click on the merge field button and select the merge tag you want to insert. It’s that easy! Remember, these tags will populate with the corresponding information from your database.
  • Customize Anywhere: Merge tags aren’t picky about where they go. You can sprinkle them throughout your email content, subject lines, or anywhere you can edit content.
  • Set Up Sender Signatures: Want to save time and streamline your email process? Set up sender signatures! Check out our other tutorial for a step-by-step guide on how to do this efficiently.
  • For a comprehensive list of default merge fields provided by Salesforce, check out this resource.

Fallback Scenarios for Data Integrity

Sometimes, data in your CRM might be missing. No worries! Account Engagement lets you set up fallback scenarios to ensure your emails still look polished. By defaulting to generic greetings or alternative text, you can maintain professionalism even when information is lacking.

Merge tags allow you to connect with your audience on a deeper level without sacrificing efficiency. Need help getting started? IMG is here to be your growth partner in building your Account Engagement. Let’s talk.