America Steel Trade & IMG

Prior to utilizing Salesforce, America Steel Trade relied exclusively on spreadsheets for all their business requirements including keeping track of clients, suppliers, leads, deals, activities, reporting, price calculations, quotes, quote templates, products. Salesforce was the ideal solution to streamline all of their business needs.

The team of implementation experts at IMG introduced some out of the box solutions to create a truly custom org:

  • Leveraged the Asset object to keep track of Supplier inventory and Products/Opportunity Products to keep track of Products quoted/purchased
  • Implemented a custom solution to auto-populate custom quote line items fields with values pulled from product line items avoiding double data entry.
  • Created complex quoting formulas and calculations, including conditional statements to replace two spreadsheets and merge them into one quoting model.
  • Configured custom Quote Templates, and implemented a solution for the templates to be able to be generated in a foreign language (Spanish).
  • Created/configured the custom object “Training Material” where videos can be uploaded and implemented a solution where the video can be natively played/watched into Salesforce rather than downloaded.

A clear vision for a streamlined org combined with the expertise from IMG resulted in a system that the America Steel Trade team is proud to call their own. We look forward to working with them again soon!

“Throughout the process, Gabriela’s resolute passion and unwavering commitment were key to our new beginnings. It was amazing to see how she was able to translate our thoughts and ideas to Salesforce through her knowledge and creativity.

We would like to thank you for the opportunity to work with Gabriela and IMG. It was an absolute pleasure. We are looking forward to having more new projects with Gabriela leading the team.”

Denis Zakutaev, President, America Steel Trade Corporation

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