Integrated Media Group recently hosted an epic webinar, The Inbox and Beyond: How to Optimize Email Deliverability and Increase ROI, where we covered all things email marketing! If you didn’t get a chance to attend please review the recording below.

We were thrilled to have such an engaged audience, and we loved hearing all of your questions. So much so that we wanted to make them available to everyone! Please review the full webinar Q&A below.

How do email marketing rules apply to Canada?

In terms of email marketing to Canada, (CASL - Canada’s Anti-Spam Law) is a new anti-spam law that applies to all electronic messages that organizations send in connection with a “commercial activity.” It would be best to make sure that your list is fully opted in before engaging with audiences via an ESP (Email Service Provider). This will allow you to fully comply with (CASL). IMG can provide you further insight and help by setting you up with an email marketing program to help you with any issues or concerns!

For GDPR compliance, can double opt-in be used for the explicit permissions portion?

Double opt-in allows you to make sure that the person who received your email truly wants to be on your list. This is good for explicit permissions, as the contact voluntarily requests to receive email communication from your business. IMG can provide you further insight and help by setting you up with an email marketing program to help you with any issues or concerns!

Is there a maximum number of emails that can be sent in a batch without tripping a spam filter?

If you are sending from a platform such as Gmail or Outlook, the typical max per day is no more than 500 emails to avoid any spam issues. If you are sending from a marketing tool, such as Campaign Monitor or Mailchimp, typically you can send up to 10,000 emails before any issues should occur. After 10,000 emails in bulk get sent, depending on bounce rates, you have the chance of being blacklisted. IMG can provide you further insight and set you up with an email marketing program to help you avoid any of these issues or concerns!

How do you find your IP address?

You can find the IP associated with your email within your ESP (Email Service Provider).

How quickly can you be blacklisted again after removal? How often should you monitor this?

Unfortunately, if you have not taken the necessary steps of prevention, blacklisting can happen again rather quickly. We have heard stories of it happening within the next send or two. You will need to work with the blacklist monitoring associate and satisfy them that you’ve addressed the behavior that got you on their radar. This process can be more manual and take a bit of time, but if done correctly, you should resolve the issue. You should monitor this after every massive email send, especially on lists with over 5,000 contacts. Keep this process going until you are on a solid track. IMG can provide you further insight and set you up with an email marketing program to help you avoid any of these issues or concerns!

Something changed at GMail recently, and now almost all of our Gmail-based subscribers receive our weekly blast to their junk folders. We're not on any actual blacklists - Is there a special kind of clearance one can get with Gmail? (16K of our subscribers on there)

There is no specific request that can be made, but it’s possible that others on the same server you are sending from could have caused this issue. This is the challenge that shared IPs can represent. What we suggest to clients that run into this issue is to send a series of more personal-looking emails (very few if any graphics) from a specific person (not info@ or marketing@) to see if those emails get through. Once they do, your weekly blasts should start to go back to the Inbox.

What would you consider to be a "small batch" when sending emails to a purchased list?

Under 1,000-2,000 for the first send.

Should we segment lists into small batches and send campaigns on each batch separately or send them to the whole list in one go?

Once your IP & list is warmed up you can send to the entire list in one go. Though in some cases, it may make sense to create separate campaigns targeted at each list.

What's the difference between Xfinity (my current email provider) and HubSpot?

Xfinity is a free tool used for personal email communication, while an ESP (Email Service Provider) like HubSpot is designed to send emails to targeted lists of prospects or customers via automation or batch and blast sends.

If they click No I want to change my email preferences do you then delete them from your database or is the rule of thumb you never delete contacts?

Within the preference center, contacts can choose to stay on some of your email lists or unsubscribe from all communication. If they do not opt-out by unsubscribing you do not need to delete them from your ESP (Email Service Provider).

Is it best practice to have only one CTA?

It depends on the goal of your email, if you have one goal include one call to action so your recipient can not be distracted by other CTAs. If it is a newsletter or updates it makes sense to have multiple CTAs.

How do you set up a preference center vs just an unsubscribe button?

You can set up your preference center in your ESP (Email Service Provider), after the preference center is set up you can use it to replace your unsubscribe link.

Can you repeat the definition of DNS?

DNS stands for Domain Name System and is a protocol for exchanging data on the Internet. You must validate your DNS in your ESP (Email Service Provider), this is not automatically done for you.

What is the minimum number of emails to A/B test? if you only send to 200 people at a time, is A/B worth it or just test from email to email?

A/B testing is always relevant, even if you are manually testing it yourself. A smaller list size would just provide less diverse data for your test.

How do you ad Preview text?

Your ESP (Email Service Provider) should have a section to add preview text, if not you will want to add the text to the very top of your email template. You can use HTML to hide the text in the email!

What book would you recommend for creating nurture emails?

There are plenty of resources available online, a few of our favorites are the HubSpot blog and Pardot templates. Another option is collaborating with the professional copywriters on the team here at IMG.

I was thinking of switching from Hubspot to Active Campaign. We will use it for customer journeys, emails, and CRM. Is this a good idea? Significantly more affordable.

When selecting an ESP(Email Service Provider) cost, reputation, design capabilities, and additional features all come into play. If cost is an important factor to you, and ESP switch may make sense, but the automation in an ESP like Active Campaign will be far less robust than what you see in an ESP like Hubspot.

Can you use multiple types of ESPs (Email Service Providers) at the same time?

It can certainly be done, but it is not recommended unless certain ESP’s offer particular benefits that you are required to utilize. Some of the reasons why you want to stick with just one ESP are the following.

1.) You will have a complete view of what your customers are actually interacting with and how engaged they are with your marketing campaigns.

2.) Managing subscribers and unsubscribes are much simpler, you don’t have to cross-check between multiple email platforms.

3.) Your sending credibility will increase, as you are sending from one ESP, which reduces the risk of being seen as a spammer.

We have been having some major deliverability issues with Keep (formerly infusionsoft) and all of the emails we send during our consultation process usually go to spam. We also use Mailchimp for any other newsletter or email we send out, so we were thinking of switching completely over to Mailchimp. Is that a good idea?

This decision should be based on the overall use case. If you are sending mostly “batch and blast” emails and do not need any CRM functionality, Mailchimp would be a good fit. If you need more automation, CRM, or web integration, a tool like Infusionsoft is a better fit.

Is mail tester more robust than the built-in tool in Pardot?

Yes! Pardot support actually uses MailTester when looking for customer deliverability issues. This tool looks at many factors when sending email and provides insight that email tools like Pardot do not provide natively.

We are eager to discuss your future email marketing strategy in detail, as well as answer any additional questions you may have!

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