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Greenspring Advisors is a financial consulting firm that specializes in holistic, progressive and unbiased investment advisory services. They were looking to reopen their Grant Application program, but wanted a fully-integrated system between their website application form, Pardot scoring/engagement tracking, and Salesforce data gathering. That’s where IMG stepped up to the challenge.

The goal of this project was to track those filling out the website Grant Application Form through Pardot, so prospects would be given the proper amount of points for their interaction and interest. Through a form handler connection, this became possible. Not only did the scoring rules account for each submission, the Greenspring team was able to successfully track their form performance and send new leads through their sales funnel.

To take it one step further, the IMG team created a custom “Grant Applications” object related to leads and contacts, so with each form submission, there would be record of every grant application a lead or contact had submitted. The Greenspring Advisors team would be alerted promptly when a new application came in, and had access to several reports to detail the information gathered through the website form. With the custom object setup, they could filter by the grant budget, location of the applicant, and more.

With the fully-integrated system, the team streamlined their application process to capture application and engagement data throughout Pardot and Salesforce, all without having to lift a finger.

“Greenspring was looking for a way to streamline our charitable giving process as we run a grant program administered by a rotating committee each year. We receive upwards of 100 grant applications so it can be a major investment of time in an area that is not specifically core to our business. Mallory and IMG did a fantastic job listening to what we were trying to accomplish and then developing a solution that met our needs. I fully expect this new process and solution will save hours of time for our team and allow them to focus on the most important aspects of these significant decisions.”

Patrick Collins, CFP®, EA | Partner & Managing Director

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