Alloy Labs Alliance & IMG

Alloy Labs Alliance is a consortium of small to mid-sized banks working together to make better strategic investments, one of their recent initiatives was to adopt new technology to compete with large banks – Salesforce was the right choice for them. But, with a small team and little technological experience, an implementation partner was needed to truly make their new CRM shine, that’s when IMG came in! The IMG Implementation Team was tasked with migrating their accounts, contacts, and opportunities to Salesforce as well as events and event attendance.

During the implementation project, IMG determined that tracking events & attendees would be done through custom objects since the relationships and reporting they desired wouldn’t work well with the out-of-the-box objects in Salesforce. With this custom solution, Alloy Labs can easily track events and import lists of attendees into Salesforce, saving them many hours of work they were once doing in the past.

“The Alloy Labs Alliance represents just under 50 financial institutions and hundreds of bankers, but our staff for the consortium of innovative banks is quite small. With only a handful of employees working to meet the needs of so many bankers, it was vital to have a CRM that helped us keep all the balls in the air. We knew getting a robust system like Salesforce up and running would take a lot of time and expertise that we simply didn’t have. So we turned to IMG.

Even though we’re small, IMG gave us the royal treatment. We had access to the full arsenal of the firm’s talent and were in communication with the group so often that they felt like an extension of our team.

The implementation and configuration of Salesforce to meet our needs went smoothly and quickly. This was thanks, in no small part, to IMG’s understanding of our rare business model. They took the time to learn about how we worked and what our priorities were upfront, and that set the project up for success. We had interviewed several other firms who just glossed over the way Alloy Labs works, and the proposals they returned showed their lack of understanding. Working with IMG was the opposite of that, in the best way possible.

IMG didn’t cut any corners. They took pains to customize our instance of Salesforce until it was exactly what we needed. And even with this level of attention to detail, the whole process only took three months from signing the contract with Salesforce to rolling out the system to our team.

Working with Gil, Bella, and the rest of the team at IMG was a pleasure, and I’d happily recommend them.“

-Amber Buker, Alloy Labs Alliance

IMG is a trusted Salesforce Partner who has implemented over 1000 Salesforce and Pardot organizations. If you have a client in need of implementation services please do not hesitate to reach out!

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