Leveraging Sales Cloud from Salesforce, the leading CRM, can really help your business grow. But combined with 3rd party Apps from the world’s largest business applications marketplace, you can transform your business. Here are the most recent apps we’ve been using to help add functionality to this already powerful software application.


Duplicate Checkhttps://duplicatecheck.com/

Having a CRM is great, but what good is it without clean data? Duplicate Check allows you to find duplicates in all Objects, and gives you the option to remove or merge those duplicates. You can also schedule jobs to merge duplicates on your desired schedule. Once your data is clean, you don’t want duplicates to return. Duplicate Check alerts your users in real-time when a record is being created that already exists. Duplicate Check offers a free version as well as several paid options.


Record Refresherhttps://www.crmsuperstars.com/info/record-refresher/ 

Record Refresher is a free app that you might not use often but comes in very handy when you need it. When using Record Refresher, you can select an object and refresh all of the records within that object. This is very useful when you’ve developed a Process Builder or Workflow rule after your data has been entered in Salesforce. By using Record Refresher, it will force an update on all your records and trigger your automation.


Rollup Helperhttps://www.passagetechnology.com/rollup-helper-overview 

Rollup Helper provides a no-code interface to create data rollups that provides insights that Salesforce traditionally is unable to provide. With Rollup Helper, you can turn your data into information for your most complex rollup scenarios. This comes in handy with records that are part of a parent/child relationship, or even on traditional roll-up fields that you want to filter based on your specific criteria. Rollup Helper has a free version that allows for scheduled roll-ups, as well as a premium version that gives you the ability to enable real-time rollups.



There are many complex and often expensive document management solutions available for Salesforce. WebMerge is our go-to low-cost alternative for most of our clients’ document management needs. Using WebMerge, you can seamlessly merge your Salesforce data into custom PDFs, Word documents, Excel sheets, PowerPoint presentations, and more. WebMerge also allows you to set up triggers and workflows that can generate documents automatically and send them through email, save them in the cloud, or route them to a third-party app. WebMerge pricing starts as low as $29/month and also offers a free trial.



Are you currently using Salesforce web-to-lead functionality and wish you had more options? That’s where Formstack comes in. Formstack is an easy-to-use online form builder that can integrate with any Salesforce object. Allow prospects to enter information to create new Salesforce records, or allow clients to enter data to append to their existing Salesforce record. Formstack is powerful, easy to use and flexible. Formstack starts at $79/month.


With thousands of apps available on the AppExchange, it’s not always easy to find the ones that best fit your needs. Using these apps is sure to make an impact on how you leverage your CRM.