As we enter 2018, it’s important to take a look at the trends in today’s social media  climate. When it comes to marketing your business, words aren’t enough. Now more than ever, a picture is worth a thousand words, on every platform, in every form. Here are four of the best practices when it comes incorporating visual media into your marketing.


  1. Get on Instagram

Instagram is the only social platform centered around visuals. Being on Instagram will prompt you to be more mindful of incorporating visual media into your day to day posts, and your advertising. Long gone are the days where posts were limited to square ratios; with new capabilities to include multiple photos and videos in a single post, carousel style, and host videos up to a minute in length, the combinations of posts you can make are endless!


  1. Create an Infographic

In the same vein as “show, don’t tell,” there are more efficient ways to showcase your product or company’s statistics and results. An infographic is an excellent place to start as it allows you to show an array of statistics and information in an organized way that is also more engaging and pleasing to the eye. Infographics work well as downloadable content on your website, shared on your social media, or even as a reward for filling out a form.


  1. Don’t Be Afraid to Get Personal

All too often companies get so caught up in marketing their brand or product, that they forget to showcase the people behind it. By having behind-the-scenes photos of your team members, or having featured employee spotlights, you’re adding a personal touch that distinguishes you from your competition. Customers value knowing they are working with real people, and it humanizes your brand.


  1. Make Sure Your Branding is Consistent

One baseline issue we see with a lot of clients when we first review their current website and social media accounts is an inconsistency in branding. Your brand should have a distinctive color scheme throughout the website, header images, and most importantly, your logo. All of your typefaces should match– this provides a smooth browsing experience for your audience, and gives you a more professional, reputable appearance. Having a mix-match of fonts all over your website will often deter site visitors, and make your brand seem unorganized and unreliable.


Using visual media in your marketing can make a big difference when it comes to website traffic and audience retention. Which of these tips are you looking to implement in the New Year? We’re excited to hear about your journey, and of course, if you need help, we’re here to provide it.


Amelia Votta, Digital Marketing Coordinator