On January 13, Google implemented a new design that makes search ads appear more similar to other search results. The similarity in appearance between a Google ad and an organic search result is barely noticeable anymore, which could make search ads even more effective.

The original Google search Ad featuring a clear “Ad” favicon and the distinctly larger heading has evolved to now feature a small “Ad” favicon in front of the header with the same size text as other results. Google says a simpler design “makes it easier for users to digest information.” Meanwhile, this format helps a company’s ad results look more organic and less out of place.

Will this actually help marketers or does it only benefit Google?

It can be a win-win for both! If marketers notice that it makes their ads more effective, they will be more likely to spend on Google Ads.

These new ads have already proven to be more effective. Brooke Osmundson, associate director of paid search for NordicClick, analyzed the click-through rates for four companies from January 7 to 13 before the new design and January 14 to 20 with the new design. Between all four clients, the desktop click-through rates ranged from an increase of 4% to 10.5%. If this remains steady, marketers will have more opportunities to capitalize on their site usage and consumer experience. Once the user is on a business’s site, it is in the marketer’s hands to make sure their experience is worthwhile.

Many experts are speculating on how this can benefit marketers. In an interview with Digiday, SEO consultant Bill Hartzer says, “searchers will see the favicons and overlook them, also ignoring the ‘Ad’ favicon as well. So, they’re going to be more likely to click more on ads, which will benefit advertisers.”

If this holds true, advertisers will be able to promote their company on Google with more confidence and less fear of the favicon.

Prior to the change, only 30% of those searching online for products or services would click on a paid ad over organic content. Google’s recent changes will fundamentally shift how users interact with paid search results and provide more value to their advertisers.

Google is the number one search engine accounting for approximately 80% of all online searches. With paid Google ads looking more convincing than ever, now is the time for businesses to take advantage of this advertising platform.

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