By Abbie Leazes, Digital Marketing Coordinator, Integrated Media Group

Google AdWords has become one of the most effective online advertising platforms in recent years used by businesses of all sizes. This advertising platform allows businesses to reach large amounts of potential customers and deliver measurable return on investment. If you have been looking into Google Ads and want to know if it is worthwhile here are 5 reasons why you should be using Google to advertise.

1. Increases leads and customers:
When campaigns are set up properly, you have the ability to generate leads who are actually interested in your business, product or services. It also gives you detailed metrics on these leads which allows you to update your campaign at anytime and really narrow in on your target consumers.

2. High quality traffic and transparent results
You can find out more about your market with the detailed metrics Google AdWords provides, like customer habits, day/time they are searching most, location, type of device used and more. It also will easily break down all aspects of the campaign, which keywords were clicked, the cost, website visitors, Etc. With analyzing all this data you can determine how well your campaigns are running or if it’s time for a new strategy.

3. Campaign flexibility
Customize your campaign with exact, broad or phrase keyword searches and ad extensions which can display site-links with information about your company; contact info, locations and product images. Even narrow down your audience, with location, time of day, language, browser or even type of device used.

4. ROI:
With AdWords, you only pay for the ads people click on. Once you optimize your campaign by analyzing your data and using the right keywords, ad groups, relevant landing pages and ideal ad rank you are able to generate high returns on investment because you will be able to focus your campaign budget on your exact target market.

5. Outrank your competition
Google is constantly improving Google Ads and with access to non-Google search site partners you also have access for your ads to be shown on the most viewed sites. Chances are your competition is already advertising with Google, which gives you all the more reason you should start too!