Digital Marketing Coordinators (“Slide Into Your DMs”)

Morning: 9:00 am

Most of us start trickling in around 9:00, coffee in hand or tea ready to be brewed. Colin’s daily iced coffee immediately gets placed into a green knit coffee cozy, made by fellow DM team member Becka in an effort to purge the office of environmentally-unfriendly styrofoam cups. Emails are checked and to-do lists are assembled, each in its maker’s personal style.

For Amelia, it’s a weekly list broken down by daily tasks, organized by due date and urgency; for Colin, it’s a week at a time broken down by type — social posts, newsletters, email campaigns, and the like — with daily goals.

Midday: 12:30 pm

Mondays are our most frequent take-out lunch day. Too frequently, it’s Jersey Mike’s. When we do manage to “adult” properly and bring a lunch from home, it’s a working lunch, with everyone working at their own pace and deciding whose lunch is best (usually it’s Marissa’s).

Afternoon: 2:00 pm

Afternoons are usually for meetings, such as our weekly “Slide into our DMs” team meeting, client meetings, training calls, and anything else that’s been added to our Google Calendars while we weren’t looking. In between meetings and late afternoon coffee runs for that last needed energy boost, it’s a mad dash to check off (or scribble out entirely) the last remaining items on the to-do list.

The Witching Hour: 4:00 – 5:00 pm

Miscellaneous shenanigans, often dancing in our seats and freestyle rap battles, which Colin always wins. Amelia often leaves inspirational sticky notes written in glitter glue on everyone else’s desks for them to find the next morning (thanks for that).


Pardot Posse

All Day: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

Training calls. Tech implementation. Kickoff calls. It never ends. “Welcome to JoinMe” haunts these coordinators’ dreams. They’re all Gold Level at Starbucks.


Web Developers & Designers

Morning: 9:00 am


Midday: 12:00 pm

Assignments have been tasked out. The developers are elbow-deep in CSS and the designers are twelve layers in on Photoshop. More coffee. Lunch, hopefully, somewhere in between.

Afternoon: 2:00 pm

The lights on their side of the office are still off. It’s starting to get dark outside, and the designers’ faces are lit only by the glow of their laptop screens. The only noise is the tapping of keyboards and clicking of trackpads. In the corner, if you listen closely, you can hear Ben listening to Kesha.


Becka Carroll, Digital Marketing Coordinator