As business owners, we’re used to outsourcing many of the things that we need to keep our business running. While we technically could manage our own payroll, design our own website and file our own taxes, we tend not to for many reasons. From the time it takes, to the expertise we lack in those areas, we let the experts do what they do best.

Here are 8 reasons why outsourcing makes sense:


  1. Save time, save money
    Outsourcing your social media is much more cost effective than hiring staff to do the job. Think about the process of hiring, training and managing what you hope is the right person and then factor in their hourly rate, taxes and additional benefits. That cost often far exceeds the cost of outsourcing to a professional firm.
  1. Keeping up with trends and changes
    Just like Google changes their algorithms regularly, so do Facebook and other social networks. If you’re not keeping up with the latest trends, then you’re likely not to build your following or reach many people.
  1. Skilled Staff
    Assigning someone the role of social media manager just because they have a Facebook profile isn’t always the best idea. Understanding social media is much more than knowing how to post or where to post. It’s understanding how to increase engagement, build a targeted following and properly analyze your data.
  1. Let’s you focus on your business
    There are only so many hours in the day, and we’re always looking for ways to be more productive. The less time you spend thinking about social media, the more time you can focus on other areas of your business.
  1. An outsiders perspective
    Sometimes we’re too close to our business to really see the best way to explain it to others. By outsourcing, you can gain a fresh perspective on how others actually view your business, your industry and your competitors.
  1. Teamwork
    Typically when one person in a company is assigned the responsibility of handling social media content, all responsibility falls in their hands. A team approach is much more effective because it provides a variety of different perspective and feedback.
  1. Consistency
    Let’s face it, the first thing to get pushed aside when things are really busy is that Facebook post or Tweet. If your social media strategy lacks consistency, it tends to be far less effective. Social media is all about building momentum, and increasing brand awareness on a consistent basis.
  1. Reporting and Analysis
    Outside of creating content, one of the most time consuming aspects of social media is understanding its results. From Facebook insights, to Twitter, LinkedIn and Google analytics, there is a lot of data to review and understand. Without truly understanding what’s going on, it’s difficult to make improvements and maximize the effectiveness of your social media strategy.