Case Study: Webinar Success with a 27% Registration Rate and 38.9% Attendance Rate


IMG’s financial service technology client was seeking to drive webinar attendance through a comprehensive marketing campaign. IMG’s team, worked closely with the client to create an impactful Pardot email campaign that exceeded expectations. By implementing a range of strategies, including cleaning the cold email list, designing captivating templates, writing persuasive copy, and executing a post-webinar follow-up plan, IMG achieved outstanding results. This case study showcases the meticulous planning, creative execution, and seamless integration that led to a highly successful webinar for the client.

Streamlined Objectives

IMG adopted a strategic approach, encompassing several key elements, to achieve the client’s objectives:

  • Unifying Brand Identity: IMG collaborated closely with the client to ensure a consistent brand identity across all marketing collateral. This unification reinforced the client’s brand message and enhanced brand recognition among the target audience.
  • Engaging Copy and Design: IMG’s creative team crafted compelling copy that communicated the webinar’s value proposition effectively. By combining persuasive language with visually appealing email and slide templates, IMG captured the audience’s attention and motivated them to take action.
  • Seamless Integration and Monitoring: IMG implemented robust monitoring systems to identify and remove all email bounces promptly. This proactive approach ensured that deliverability rates remained high, maximizing the campaign’s effectiveness.


Collaboration Across Departments Drove Success

The client approached IMG with a clear objective – to enhance webinar attendance through a robust marketing campaign. IMG was entrusted with several critical tasks:

Cleaning the Cold Email List: IMG cleansed the client’s cold email list of over 15k subscribers, ensuring that only valid and engaged contacts remained. This step was essential to maximize deliverability and engagement rates.

Technology Integration: IMG paired powerful technology from LinkedIn, Zoom, Salesforce, and Pardot to create a user-friendly and data-driven marketing campaign.

Designing Email and Slide Templates: IMG leveraged its design expertise to create visually appealing email templates that aligned with the client’s brand identity and messaging. Additionally, IMG crafted engaging slide templates for use during the webinar to maintain consistency across all touchpoints.

Writing Compelling Copy: IMG crafted persuasive copy that resonated with the target audience. This compelling language helped capture the recipients’ attention, emphasize the webinar’s value proposition and drive registrations.

Social Media Promotion: IMG developed a comprehensive LinkedIn promotion plan to generate awareness and drive traffic to the webinar registration page. This included targeted content creation, scheduling strategic posts, and engaging with the audience to build anticipation.

Post-Webinar Follow-up: IMG developed a detailed post-webinar follow-up plan to capitalize on the momentum generated during the event. This plan included distributing the webinar recording, engaging with attendees through personalized emails, and nurturing leads to facilitate further conversions.


The comprehensive marketing campaign executed by IMG yielded impressive results:

6.6% CTR (email sends to landing page visits)
27% registration rate (landing page to register)
38.9% attendance rate (register to attend)

    • High Click-Through Rate (CTR): The campaign achieved an exceptional 6.6% CTR, signifying engagement and interest among the target audience by driving traffic to the landing page.
    • Increased Registration Rate: The campaign successfully converted landing page visitors into registrants, achieving a notable registration rate of 27%. 
    • Impressive Attendance Rate: The webinar’s attendance rate stood at 38.9%, emphasizing the campaign’s ability to attract and retain an audience interested in the webinar’s content post-registration. 

“The IMG team was always professional, responsive, and a pleasure to work with throughout the entire process. They listened to what we were trying to accomplish in terms of the look and messaging. They were very creative and took our ideas and content to the next level.”


IMG’s comprehensive marketing campaign, encompassing strategic planning, engaging copy, captivating design, and seamless integration, achieved remarkable results for the client. By cleaning the cold email list, designing appealing templates, writing persuasive copy, executing social media campaigns, and implementing a thorough post-webinar follow-up plan, IMG successfully drove webinar attendance and exceeded the client’s expectations. This case study exemplifies the power of collaboration, strategic thinking, and innovative execution in building a unified brand and generating a high-performing lead-generation machine.

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