Since 2010, Instagram has been providing a community of users with a personal and creative means of expression. This popular social media site serves as more than just a means of capturing moments through photos and videos. It is a tool to globally connect with an audience through various channels of communication: visual, audio, and word.

Applying Instagram’s services to your business’s marketing strategy allows for rapid networking with imaginative hashtags that connect you to other relevant pages and posts as well as establishing a visual representation of your brand. It also serves as a fun way to showcase your employees and the behind-the-scenes of daily activities! Once your business’s free account is created, growth within this social media platform is not difficult to achieve.

Here are some tips on how to utilize the potential marketing capabilities offered by Instagram.

Followers –

Follow your followers! A “follower” on Instagram is the equivalent of a “friend” on Facebook. This means that your posts will appear in their feed so they are able to readily interact with your page.

Engage with your follower’s posts (like and comment) as well as those who comment on your own. This provides a personal relationship and demonstrates that your business about customer feedback and experience.

The more followers gained, the more exposure your page receives.

Hashtags –

Hashtags are one of the most important factors to brand growth on Instagram. They are a link that is created by use of a hash mark or pound sign (#) followed by an applicable phrase or word, and will appear in the “caption” section when uploading an image or video.

Use trending/industry-related hashtags to enable the networking exposure they provide. Potential customers are able to come across your page through the hashtag link, increasing your business’s discoverability. This is a community building technique that keeps your page relevant.

It is important to note that your account’s privacy settings should be set to “public.” If it is not, your profile will not appear when relevant hashtags are searched.

Photos/Videos –

Instagram is most noted for its photos (It is essentially an online photo album). However, in 2013, they introduced a video capability feature. You are able to upload images/videos of your choosing that represent your business’s personality and functions. Display your employees performing their daily functions or even just having some fun! You may even utilize this feature to upload graphics.

The site also offers editing tools to personalize your images/videos even more. Filters can be applied that change the tint and look of your upload as well as a standard package of adjustment options such as “contrast,” “brightness,” and “saturation.”

The benefit of editing your image is that it may look more professional and ultimately, more attractive to potential customers.

Bio –

At the top of your Instagram page is a “bio” section that allows you to have up to 150 characters written. This is where you can create fun quips that introduce your brand or even a direct link to your business’s homepage, making your Instagram’s marketing efforts a follow-through action.

You are not able to attach links to web pages in the caption section of your uploaded image or video – so the bio section is a great outlet to do so.

Now that the basics of this innovative social media outlet are established, let your creative edge flow and allow your business to grow!

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