Nine Tips to Keep Your Content Relevant on the New Platform

Facebook began in the early 2000’s as a way to share personal information with classmates.
Since then it has grown into a global platform with over 2 billion active users and over 3 million
advertising businesses. While this is a mere 0.15% of total content creators, Facebook analyzers
concluded that users were being overwhelmed with the amount of branded content that appeared
in the regular timeline. While Facebook ended up being an ideal platform for inexpensive
targeted advertising, the latest algorithms didn’t have a means of properly controlling the amount
of branded messages that were coming through compared to user-generated content.
This negatively affected membership, causing a decline in organic reach up to 52%. As it turns
out, users were significantly more satisfied when they had the opportunity to interact with their
friends and family, and actually became depressed from scrolling mindlessly through branded
The value of this social platform began to diminish as users became less active and interpersonal
interaction decreased. Facebook, having recognized the change in direction as well as the
negative effects on users and advertisers, created a new algorithm to get things back on track.
This new program is called Facebook Zero, as it is modeled after the original format of Facebook
content creation and sharing.
As far as we can see, this change should increase satisfaction among Facebook users along with
their level of engagement and active usage time, but it is going to be a challenge for marketers
and advertisers. Current methods of effective advertising, like consist posting, may become
detrimental to the success of your ad performance. Here are some tips to help maximize your
performance and increase organic reach in Facebook Zero.
Post less frequently. Pages that post too much content will be treated like spam. These posts will
be moved lower on the Facebook timeline feed and pushed to less user feeds.
Post highly valuable, engaging content. Brands that have used this strategy from the beginning
are likely to maintain their viewership and will likely continue to perform well in the new
platform. Other brands will benefit from shifting their focus from information sharing to
relationship building in their market of Facebook users.
Target at a specific audience. The more targeted your posts are, the more likely they will reach
users that will interact and share your content. User interaction will continue to be the most
effective way to push your posts to more viewers.
Stay current. Keeping your content new and relevant will increase the amount of immediate
interaction you receive, creating viral activity on your brand or campaign.

Tell your story. Storytelling has proven to be one of the most noticed and interaction-generating
content styles. It combines entertainment with information sharing. “Storytelling” content
doesn’t necessarily have to contain words. A captivating image can say more than a lengthy blog
posts by showing your brand’s story. The combination of verbal and visual content is the best
way to maximize the effectiveness of this method.
Spark conversation. Get your followers talking! The more your followers interact with your post
organically, the higher up your content will be pushed in the newsfeed.
Use Facebook video. Users are curious about Facebook’s new offerings such as live video and
360 imaging. 70% of users would rather watch a video than read written content. Making use of
video as well as its intriguing new capabilities will better capture the attention of your audience.
Talk to you customers. Businesses can use Facebook messenger too! This is a great way to
interact with your audience on an individual basis, strengthening the personal relationships of
your brand.
Make use of other social media platforms! There are so many modern forms of social media, and
while you may need to generate new strategies to maximize the effectiveness of advertising on
each platform, it could be worth it to maintain the ability to post frequently without penalty.