General Information

The submission of the Facility Assistance Form will initiate the USTA
assistance process for all seeking technical services from the USTA. Technical assistance
can be in the form of preparation of conceptual plans, technical
reviews of facility design documents, advocacy consultation or addressing
specific planning and design issues related to a new or existing

Before completing this form please click here to review the
USTA Guide to Facility Assistance

Primary Contact

*Organization Name

*1. Organization Type
2. USTA Organizational Membership Number (Please have an active USTA Organizational Membership prior to the award date of the grant. To purchase or renew your membership please click HERE.)
*3. Facility Name or Project Name
*4. Is this inquiry regarding:

*5. Number of courts at your proposed facility:

Exisiting 36':
At completion 36':
Exisiting 60':
At completion 60':
Exisiting 78':
At completion 78':
*6. What is the approximate population of your service area?


*7. What are the designated purposes or goals of your project? Please include in this description what you expect from the USTA.
*8. Is the development or renovation of tennis facilities currently in your community master plan?
*9. How will suggested improvements increase programming and play at this facility?
*10a. Are you familiar with tennis played on 36′ and 60′ courts?
*10b. Do you currently offer tennis at your facility on 36′ and 60′ courts?
*11. Have you completed conceptual sketches or had schematic designs done for you?


*12. Do you have a source of funding? If yes, please list the source(s).

Development Team

*Single person or multi-party venture?:
14. Have you consulted with an architect, engineer, contractor, planning/design consultant or a Design/Build firm? If Yes, please list the name and address of the firm(s) and any other contact information.
Consulted with architect comments:

New Construction/Expansion: Land/Property

15. Have you identified the real estate for the venture?
16. Who owns the land on which the proposed project will take place?


*17. Project Completion Date
*18. Do you have a deadline for receiving information? Please explain what you need or expect.

Comments / Confirmation

20. Please indicate below if you or your organization has any special needs regarding initial contact (i.e. cell phone, best time to call, etc), or any additional comments.
*Please confirm you understand this form is NOT an application for funding.
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