Somerset Federal Credit Union’s Journey to a 4.7-Star Reputation on Google My Business

Case Study: : From Community Cornerstone to Industry Leader: A Case Study in IMG’s Strategic Brand Management
Somerset Federal Credit Union's Journey to a 4.7-Star Reputation on Google My Business

Somerset Federal Credit Union (SFCU), with its tagline “Focused on You,” embarked on a mission to strengthen its brand reputation within its small-town community.

Recognizing the significance of brand perception in their growth, SFCU partnered with Integrate Media Group (IMG) to devise a strategic brand management approach.

Somerset Federal Credit Union (SFCU),<br />
with its tagline "Focused on You,"

Beginning with a modest presence on Google My Business (GMB), SFCU aimed to enhance its brand reputation and visibility.

In a community-oriented setting, where trust and credibility are paramount, SFCU needed to position itself as an industry leader while fostering strong connections within its small-town community. To achieve their goals, IMG implemented a robust brand management strategy centered around generating 5-star reviews.

Reputation Management: Recognizing the vital role of online reputation in shaping consumer perceptions, IMG devised a strategy centered around enhancing SFCU’s presence on GMB. Given the institution’s emphasis on community trust and credibility, it was imperative to leverage positive client experiences. This strategic approach was crucial in aligning SFCU’s brand image with its core values while fostering stronger connections with existing and potential clients.

Email Marketing: A key component of this strategy was the development of an email campaign. A tailored email was sent each month to solicit feedback and testimonials. This tactic was essential in bolstering SFCU’s online reputation and visibility, as positive reviews serve as social proof of the institution’s credibility and reliability within the community. By consistently soliciting feedback and testimonials, SFCU aimed to establish itself as the go-to financial institution in the small-town community, fostering trust and loyalty among its clientele.


Through consistent email outreach and engagement efforts, SFCU witnessed remarkable results in increased Google reviews.


GMB page garnered 1,229 visitors and views.


Currently boasts 133 reviews, 81 of which were generated since 2021


Now holds an impressive 4.7-star rating

Built a platform that testifies them as a leader in their industry


IMG successfully elevated SFCU’s brand reputation on GMB through strategic brand management and targeted engagement efforts.

By prioritizing ease and efficiency for clients and bankers, SFCU’s strengthened brand reputation positioned them as an industry leader and fostered deeper connections within their small-town community. Their journey exemplifies the transformative power of proactive brand reputation management in establishing credibility, nurturing community connections, and driving sustainable growth.

The campaign not only met but exceeded its objectives.

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