IMG’s Strategy Initiates 954 Messages and 308 Replies, Leading to a 155% Increase in an Order

Strategic Connections: IMG Unlocks eCommerce Growth with LinkedIn Messaging and Timely Ads

IMG's Strategy Initiates 954 Messages and 308 Replies

In a competitive eCommerce landscape, our client [whitelabeled for client privacy], a niche distributor of unique prints on archival paper with a distinctive framing process, sought to expand their market reach and drive sales.

With interior designers as their primary audience, they faced the challenge of standing out in a crowded market while effectively engaging with their target demographic. Recognizing the need for a comprehensive marketing strategy, they partnered with Integrated Media Group (IMG) to implement a multifaceted approach that leveraged targeted advertising, strategic LinkedIn prospecting, and compelling messaging to drive growth and foster meaningful connections within their industry.

eCommerce landscape
eCommerce landscape

Our solution involved implementing a comprehensive marketing strategy that combined targeted advertising, strategic LinkedIn prospecting, and compelling messaging to drive growth and forge valuable connections.

Ad Strategy

Ad Strategy: To amplify the client’s visibility and drive qualified traffic to their website, we executed a comprehensive ad strategy. This involved meticulous planning, including defining objectives, conducting thorough keyword research, and identifying the most suitable platforms for maximum impact. Our team crafted compelling ad copy tailored to resonate with the target audience, ensuring each ad communicated the unique value proposition of the client’s products. Continuous optimization through A/B testing allowed us to refine our approach and maximize ROI.

LinkedIn Connections

LinkedIn Connections: In parallel, our monthly LinkedIn prospecting campaigns aimed to establish meaningful connections for the client within the B2B design market. Through targeted outreach and strategic networking, we facilitated engagements with prospective buyers and clients, fostering valuable relationships that could lead to future business opportunities.


The results achieved were remarkable, showcasing the tangible impact of our tailored approach to eCommerce success.

15.6K ad clicks


Generated a remarkable 15.6K ad clicks to the website.


Achieved an impressive 5.5% conversion rate — double the industry standard.


A 75.63% increase. in overall
website traffic growth from Q2 to Q3.
954 messages


Led to 954 messages sent via LinkedIn.

308 LinkedIn


Elicited 308 LinkedIn replies.

6 booked meetings.


Yielded at least 6 booked meetings.


Generated a significant $4,585 order placement a whopping 155% increase in their AOV (average order value).

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Through our collaborative efforts, we’ve empowered our eCommerce client to generate leads, expand their online presence, and foster valuable connections within their target market.

As we continue to innovate and refine our strategies, we’re confident that our partnership will fuel sustained growth and success in the dynamic eCommerce landscape.

The campaign not only met but exceeded its objectives.

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