How IMG’s Social Media Tactics Increased Event Attendance by 186%

Case Study: : Unlocking Success: How a Strategic Blend of Email Marketing and Social Media Catapulted a Beauty Event to New Heights
How IMG’s Social Media Tactics Increased Event Attendance by 186%

The marketing team undertook a comprehensive multi-channel campaign to boost attendance for Masello Salon Serivces’ bi-annual event, held during the fall and spring.

This prominent event, catering to licensed cosmetologists, featured a remarkable lineup of 46 brands this year, offering educational sessions, product showcases, and invaluable networking opportunities.

Masello Salon Services’

The campaign primarily leveraged two key channels: organic social media posts and email marketing automation. Given the significance of networking and the allure of beauty influencers, the team strategically chose social media to engage the target audience and build excitement around the event.

Email Automation: A strategic email sequence was crafted, comprising 2 emails in September and 3 in October. Each email was meticulously designed by our Senior Marketing Strategist, aligning with the client’s creative brief
Social Media Management: Our strategists created imagery, captions, tags, hashtags, and posting schedules for a total of 24 social media posts distributed evenly across two months. This strategy ensured consistent visibility and engagement.

With this comprehensive approach, IMG strives to provide clarity and drive success for our clients.


The primary goal was to double the number of event registrants compared to the previous year, with a specific focus on enhancing attendance figures. The combination of the above initiatives orchestrated by IMG resulted in these key results for the client:


Yielded a 186% increase in event attendance compared to the previous year, showcasing the campaign’s effectiveness in driving participation.


Built an email campaign with a 53% average email open rate.


Generated an overall email CTR of 3%, with the first email achieving an outstanding CTR of 7.41%.


IMG’s organic social media content for this client led to an impressive +5,467% increase in social post links.


Increased social impressions by +66%, reflecting heightened visibility and brand awareness.


Created a social net audience growth of +278%.


Generated a +273% jump in social engagements for an overall +123.4% social engagement rate.

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The campaign not only met but exceeded its objectives.

The robust multi-channel strategy, coupled with compelling content creation, contributed to a substantial increase in event attendance and heightened engagement across both email and social media platforms. The success of this campaign serves as a testament to IMG’s strategic planning, creative execution, and the undeniable appeal of networking with beauty influencers in the licensed cosmetologist community.

The campaign not only met but exceeded its objectives.

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