4-Day CRM Migration with 0% Downtime

Effortless Efficiency: How a Swift CRM Migration Empowered Data Analysis
From Zero to Hero: 4-Day CRM Migration with 0% Downtime

A leading biological research organization [whitelabled for client privacy] was facing a critical need for a unified data analysis solution.

The goal was to enable scientists to unlock insights from unprecedented volumes of biological data efficiently. To achieve this, they sought a comprehensive overhaul of their data management and marketing automation systems. This case study details the fast-paced and highly successful implementation that transformed their robust operation needs in record time.

The organization required a rapid and seamless transition to a new set of tools that would support their customized, advanced data analysis needs. The key challenges included:
  • Migrating the entire HubSpot system to Salesforce and Account Engagement
  • Implementing Salesforce Sales Cloud
  • Setting up LinkedIn Sales Navigator, Google Ads, and Analytics
  • Conducting support training for the new systems
  • Recreating their entire database with custom fields, lists, and form integrations
  • Urgency of the migration completion date
biological research organization

To address these challenges, our team executed a meticulously planned and swift implementation strategy.

Migration Implementation: IMG’s certified team of experts successfully implemented an entire organizational migration from HubSpot to Salesforce, ensuring seamless integration with existing processes.
Analytics Setup: To track and optimize marketing performance, the IMG team established and linked our client’s Google Ads and Analytics accounts. In addition, the IMG team configured LinkedIn Sales Navigator to enhance the sales team’s outreach capabilities.
Support Training: Our certified team provided extensive training sessions to ensure the team could effectively utilize the new systems. Along with our 1-on-1 training, IMG offers an extensive library of resources to help clients maximize their CRM capabilities.
Customized Database Recreation: IMG recreated the organization’s entire database with custom fields, lists, and form integrations using iframes for data capture from their website, maintaining continuity of styling with custom forms through Gravity Forms for WordPress.
Rapid Deployment: The migration was completed by the IMG team within a week to meet the organization’s urgent timeline. The organization successfully sent out its first marketing email within a week, a testament to the efficiency of the IMG’s implementation.
Zero Downtime & Uninterrupted Operations: By minimizing and eliminating downtime during the CRM transition, our client continued serving its customers without any interruptions or delays. This ensured that critical processes such as sales, customer support, and operations remain unaffected, preserving customer satisfaction and loyalty.

The project was completed in less than a week, showcasing a remarkable turnaround time that exceeded the client’s expectations. The key outcomes included:

Enhanced Data Analysis

Enhanced Data Analysis

The unified data solution allowed scientists to derive insights from vast volumes of biological data more efficiently.
Improved Sales Processes

Improved Sales Processes

The integration of Salesforce Sales Cloud and LinkedIn Sales Navigator streamlined the sales process, improving outreach and lead management.

Effective Marketing Automation

Effective Marketing Automation

The setup of Google Ads, Analytics, and email marketing tools enhanced the organization’s marketing capabilities and insight, resulting in more targeted and effective campaigns.

Expert Guidance

Expert Guidance

The comprehensive training provided by IMG-certified experts ensured a smooth transition for the team, enabling them to leverage the new tools effectively from day one.
Seamless Transition

Seamless Transition

Completed in just a week, the project ensured zero downtime, enabling the client to start utilizing their CRM capabilities within a week.


This case study highlights the successful and rapid implementation of a comprehensive and customized data analysis and marketing automation solution for a leading biological research organization.

By completing the project in just a week, our team demonstrated exceptional efficiency and expertise, ultimately enabling the client to unlock significant insights and achieve their data analysis goals.

biological research organization

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