IMG’s Impactful Strategy Shatters Benchmarks with 21.15% Click-to-Open Rates in Financial Services Marketing

Case Study: Helping a client reach their destination with ease

What do you do when you have a destination in mind but you’re not sure how to get there? You consult a map, right? 

But what if there’s no map? That was the challenge IMG’s financial service client [whitelabled for client-priacy] faced before coming to us. They needed guidance and a comprehensive marketing strategy to expand their client base across various platforms. By conducting content audits, creating custom email lists in Pardot/Account Engagement, providing tailored reports, and interviewing key stakeholders, IMG developed a roadmap for the client’s success. This case study highlights our strategic planning, collaboration, and commitment to achieving results for the client.


To accomplish the client’s goals, IMG took a strategic approach that included the following key elements:

  • Developing a digital marketing strategy and communication plan: We worked closely with the client’s key stakeholders to fully understand their goals and objectives.
  • Segmentation and cleanup of email lists: Our Pardot/Account Engagement team audited the client’s Salesforce lists and segmented them accordingly. This enabled the client’s sales team to have meaningful conversations and promptly connect with leads.
  • Providing valuable content with limited internal resources: We identified opportunities and channels for content sharing, allowing the client to save time without compromising on quality.

The client came to IMG with a clear objective – to develop a multi-channel brand and marketing strategy that would lead them to success. To accomplish this, IMG executed the following tasks:

Establish the starting point: We thoroughly audited the client’s marketing and communication channels to ensure we understood their current position and how to help them progress.

Determine the destination: Our team met with the organization’s stakeholders to understand their goals and needs. This enabled us to create a comprehensive plan that involved input from various departments and eliminated information silos.

Understand the primary vehicle: We conducted a detailed website audit, providing the client with over 40 design and site performance recommendations. We also performed a comparative analysis of a top competitor’s site to identify areas for improvement.

Efficient Design: To help save our client time and resources, our design team transformed rough content into polished final webinar pieces through video editing, and designed email and newsletter templates for quick use as needed.

Optimized Email Management: We worked with the client to identify goals, content objectives, and ideal target audiences allowing us to optimize and segment their email lists giving the client a high-functioning, hands-off platform. The emails created had very high average open rates at 18.80% and a 21.15% click-to-open rate.

Improve performance: We reviewed the client’s Google Ads performance and that of a top competitor and offered strategic recommendations to increase their online presence. Additionally, we conducted a Google My Business audit and advised them to claim their business listing.

Build the roadmap: Using all the gathered information, we provided the client with actionable improvements and a strong content strategy. This included branded templates, SEO and web recommendations, and a LinkedIn content strategy, among other things.

Enjoy the journey: IMG continues to support the client with ongoing services, ensuring they stay on track and have a reliable partner by their side at every step.

With this comprehensive approach, IMG was able to provide clarity and drive success for our client.


The comprehensive marketing strategy along with the branded templates created by IMG allowed the client to understand their marketing channels better and utilize them efficiently and effectively while also growing their client base.


IMG’s comprehensive strategic planning, and seamless integration, achieved remarkable results for the client.

By cleaning the email list, designing appealing templates, drafting social media plans, and sharing a thorough digital marketing roadmap, IMG was able to set the client up for success in meeting their goals and initiatives. This case study exemplifies the power of strategic thinking and creating a clear roadmap to success.

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