IMG Strategies Yield 4,500 New Connections for Financial Services

Case Study: How Integrated Media Group’s Strategic Approach Transformed LinkedIn Prospecting
Automating Success with IMG’s Strategic Solutions

Integrated Media Group (IMG) collaborated with the client, a leading player in the financial industry, to launch and maintain a strategic LinkedIn prospecting campaign targeting the legal and banking sectors.

The campaign, which commenced in January 2022 and has continued for the past two years, aimed to facilitate networking, expand their database, and foster connections within the banking industry.

IMG collaborated with the client

IMG’s expert team meticulously managed our client’s LinkedIn prospecting campaign. Key strategies included:

Strategic Targeting: IMG’s expertise in setting up LinkedIn Sales Navigator with precise targeting parameters ensured they connected with relevant professionals in the legal and banking sectors to optimize their growth network.

Engaging Messaging: Tailored messaging, emphasizing the value proposition of our client’s financial services and IMG’s expertise to optimize targeting parameters, resonated with the target audience, driving high acceptance and response rates.

Ongoing Support: From implementation to as-needed Salesforce and email automation support, IMG provided comprehensive assistance, enabling our clients to focus on nurturing connections and driving business growth. The team actively sends updated lists collected to maintain engagement and relevance.

Automation and Consistency: Our client’s sustained presence on LinkedIn for two years showcases the importance of automation and consistency in prospecting efforts. Having made 12,000 connections thus far, they are now showcased as a leader in their industry.

With this comprehensive approach, IMG strives to provide clarity and drive success for our clients.


The primary goal was to automate our client’s networking while fostering personalized connections via LinkedIn. The combination of the above initiatives orchestrated by IMG resulted in these key results for the client:


New connections generated


Email address yielded


Average campaign acceptance rate


The average campaign response rate


The number of acceptances in 2023 alone


The Integrated Media Group’s collaboration with our client in launching and maintaining their LinkedIn prospecting campaign has driven significant results.

By leveraging strategic targeting, automated and engaging messaging, and ongoing support, IMG empowered the client to expand its network, nurture connections, and establish a strong presence within the banking industry.

This case study underscores the effectiveness<br />
of a holistic digital marketing strategy

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