How IMG Unleashed the Potential of Email Marketing Attributing To Over $75k In Sales

Unlocking Revenue Growth: How IMG’s Email Automation Doubled Industry Standards
Driving Revenue Growth: How IMG Unleashed the Potential of Email Marketing Attributing To Over $75k In Sales

In 2021, an eCommerce client [whitelabeled for client privacy] embarked on a journey with Integrated Media Group (IMG) to revolutionize their email marketing strategy.

As a renowned art distributor specializing in unique prints and framing techniques, they aimed to leverage email campaigns to boost website traffic and drive sales.

Email Marketing Strategy
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We implemented a multifaceted approach to maximize our client’s email marketing potential:

Strategic Campaigns
Strategic Campaigns: Building upon our partnership, we crafted two engaging campaigns per month, ranging from highlighting feature artists to promoting upcoming collection releases. These efforts consistently drove an impressive $10,000 in revenue monthly.
Unique Selling Proposition
Unique Selling Proposition: Leveraging our client’s distinct selling points, such as prints on archival paper with added texture and their unparalleled framing process, our campaigns emphasized their unique business model and techniques, setting them apart in the competitive art distribution landscape.
Targeted Audience Focus
Targeted Audience Focus: Recognizing interior designers as a prime audience segment, we tailored campaigns to resonate specifically with this B2B demographic, ensuring maximum impact and relevance.
Email Automation
Email Automation: One of our key strategies involved a dual approach to email marketing:

  • New Launch Highlights: We strategically showcased new product launches, enticing customers with fresh offerings and driving excitement around our client’s latest collections.
  • Nurture and Win-Back Campaigns: Leveraging customer analysis, we implemented automated workflows targeting cart abandoners and site visitors, effectively nurturing leads and encouraging repeat purchases.

With precision and creativity, IMG’s meticulously designed email campaigns and automated strategies not only boosted sales but also yielded valuable leads.


Generated a remarkable 15.6K ad clicks. to the website.


Achieved an impressive 5.5% conversion rate — double the industry standard


Contributed to direct sales that exceeded $75k, showcasing the tangible impact of strategic email marketing beyond their other sales channels.


Facilitated a remarkable 75.63% surge in overall website traffic growth.

In conclusion, the partnership between our eCommerce client and IMG has proven to be a catalyst for success, achieving exceptional results in revenue generation, website traffic growth, and audience engagement.

By harnessing the power of strategic email marketing and automation, our client has solidified its position as an industry leader, poised for continued growth and innovation. As we move forward, we remain committed to driving even greater success through ongoing analysis, collaboration, and innovation, ensuring that our client continues to thrive in the competitive art distribution landscape.

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