Automating Success with IMG’s Strategic Solutions

Case Study: : Unlocking success with the power of integrated marketing solutions

Automating Success with IMG’s Strategic Solutions

Our eCommerce client [whitelabeled for client privacy], specializes in custom-framed decorative artwork from an exclusive archive of images.

While their industry and audience are very niche, it is also a highly competitive environment involving high-purchase items. They recognized the importance of connecting all of their digital channels to streamline revenue opportunities allowing them to be hands off while growing revenue and brand awareness.

Our eCommerce client, specializes in custom-framed decorative artwork from an exclusive archive of images.

We partnered with the client to understand their goals and target audience, enabling the creation of an automated marketing strategy.

Email Automation: IMG executed a dual approach for email marketing: highlighting new launches and implementing automated nurture and win-back campaigns based on customer analysis.

LinkedIn Connections: IMG’s monthly LinkedIn prospecting campaigns ensured the client established meaningful connections, leading to booked meetings with prospective buyers and clients.

Paid Ad Strategy: Implementing the client’s ad strategy involved defining objectives, researching the target audience, and conducting thorough keyword research. We crafted compelling ad copy, chose suitable platforms, and optimized through A/B testing.

Organic Social Media: We refined the client’s social media strategy, focusing on brand awareness, community building, and lead generation. Our team developed a consistent posting schedule and fostered industry connections through user-generated content and collaborations.

With this comprehensive approach, IMG strives to provide clarity and drive success for our clients.


In Q3 alone, the combination of the above initiatives orchestrated by IMG resulted in these key results for the client:


Generated 15.6K Ad clicks to the website with a 5.5% conversion rate. (This is double the industry standard!)


Built email campaigns and automations which directly led to over $75k in sales.


Generated 735 visits to the website from email referral traffic.


Contributed to a 75.63% increase in overall website traffic growth from Q2 to Q3.


IMG’s organic social media content for this client led to an impressive 413 website visits, averaging 4.74 clicks per post.


LinkedIn Prospecting led to 954 messages sent, 308 replies, at least 6 meetings booked & 1 meeting led to a $4,585 order.


This case study underscores the effectiveness of a holistic digital marketing strategy and the importance of understanding and connecting with the target audience across multiple channels.

IMG’s approach not only automated marketing processes for the client but also fostered meaningful connections and engagements, ultimately driving substantial revenue growth and solidifying the client’s position in the competitive market.

This case study underscores the effectiveness<br />
of a holistic digital marketing strategy

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