What is your name?

Becka Carroll


What is your position? Tell us in a couple of sentences what you do at IMG.

As a Digital Marketing Coordinator, I am responsible for my clients’ email campaigns, social media management, overall marketing strategy, and whatever else they may need from us.


What’s the first song you want to hear when you get out of work on a Friday afternoon?

Kiwi by Harry Styles!


What does a typical day look like for you and what projects are you currently working on?

I’m a big fan of organization, so I start each day with a to-do list, with the most time-sensitive/high-priority tasks at the top, and each section is organized by client. As the day goes on, I work my way down the list and field client emails and calls as they come in. On a good day, everything on the list is checked off and I have time to offer to help any of my colleagues with what they’re working on.


Why do you love IMG?

I love being part of the IMG family because that’s exactly what it is — a family. Not all workplaces have such open communication and genuinely cool, interesting people to work with. My team (the Digital Marketing Coordinators — we call ourselves “Slide Into Your DMs” because we’re extremely professional) has developed an awesome relationship with one another, and they’re all people I would (and do!) hang out with outside of work. Plus, I know I can rely on them if I ever need help, advice, or backup with a difficult project.


Who would win a fight between Spider-man and Batman? Why?

Spider-Man and Batman wouldn’t be fighting, because they’re #sciencebros, and I don’t think Bruce Wayne would ever hurt a kid. They would definitely team up, talk about science and math, Bruce would probably give Peter some Dad Talks™ about how to be a ladies’ man, and Peter would stand annoyingly close to Bruce while he’s in his workshop inventing cool things because he has a lot of questions and suggestions.