Partner Program

Let IMG become your full time marketing partner

Is your business looking to build a deeper relationship with your clients, while increasing revenue?

Integrated Media Group is excited to announce our new Preferred Partner Program. This program is available to companies in the web development, graphic design, digital marketing, PR and technology industries.

The concept of our program is simple: to help make your job working with clients easier, while earning extra revenue on projects. We understand how difficult it can be for clients to develop their own content and consistently manage their own marketing strategy. By helping your clients market themselves better, they will quickly see measurable results.

Some key benefits of our program are:

  • Get projects done faster – if you’re waiting on a client to provide content for a website, brochure or other collateral, we can help facilitate the process and write the content for them and provide it to you fully edited and in the format you need.
  • Shorten your sales cycle – if a client is interested in making an investment in their brand but isn’t sure how to manage marketing that brand or implementing a sales process, we can package our services with yours to offer a more complete solution.
  • Help your clients grow – we work closely with your clients to make sure they are maintaining brand consistency, creating powerful messaging and leveraging the appropriate marketing tools to help their business grow.
  • Generate recurring revenue – we offer profit sharing on all projects we work on with our partners.

Examples of our most common partner projects include:

  • Website content writing or re-writes
  • Content creation for brochures, marketing collateral, whitepapers and blogs
  • Social media strategy, content creation, posting and reporting
  • Email marketing management, list building, execution and reporting
  • Sales process automation, including CRM implementation and nurture/drip campaigns

As a preferred partner, you can select from one of two different programs: our referral program and our white label program.

To confirm program eligibility, please visit and provide us with your contact information as well as a brief background on your company. We will contact you within 48 hours of your submission to review the program and answer any questions you may have.


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The Integrated Media Group partner program was developed to help companies increase retention, grow revenue and help their clients grow.

Find out program details and determine your eligibility