Who are we?

Integrated Media Group is a full-service digital marketing agency that was born out a love for storytelling, driven by a passion for explosive client growth and fueled by a need for coffee (lots and lots of coffee). As one of Rhode Island’s top 10 largest agencies, IMG maintains satellite offices in Boston and New York, while servicing hundreds of clients throughout the country. The team at IMG consists of marketing mavens, code-junkies, tech geeks and animal lovers, all with one common purpose: to help your company build your brand, grow your revenue and integrate technology solutions to scale more effectively.

It all starts with a Goal

When engaging with IMG, we ask one simple question to start: How can we help? We feel all businesses are looking for assistance in one of 3 areas, which is why we developed our Brand, Grow, Integrate model. By letting us know which area (or areas) you’re looking for help, the team at IMG can recommend the best solutions to meet your goals.

So what are you waiting for?

How we can help?